Press Release

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As our society continues to embrace electronic and digital technology, we tend to focus strictly on what we want to focus on and what is beneficial to us in the present. Cloud storage has grown to become the universal form of electronic document management and collaboration, in which users experience the utmost convenience through their ability to store, manage, and access files remotely.

The automation of the cloud provides users with convenience, but should that be the only aspect that is considered? The main hindrance that revolves around cloud-computing platforms is the lack of privacy and cybersecurity measures. As you can see in the news, data involving healthcare, finance, law enforcement, real estate, and more are constantly compromised and exposed by cybercriminals in order to gain access to sensitive information regarding clients and employees (social security numbers, signatures, medical records, etc.). General cloud services fail to provide the optimal encryption for each document, allowing unwanted eyes to have easy access to any files they wish to obtain.

Powered by Google Drive, eSecureDOX provides a cloud-computing document management and collaboration system secured by our patented 256-bit individual digital certificate encryption. Through the implementation of state-of-the-art security measures, eSecureDOX meets critical security and privacy issues resulting from requirements associated with PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, Joint Commission, and HIPAA compliance.
Simply put, eSecureDOX offers users with all the applications and capabilities of Google Drive with the addition of absolute privacy and cybersecurity. Any type of document and file being stored and managed on eSecureDOX will each be individually encrypted with a complimentary digital certificate, which is normally valued at $99.00 per user per year. The digital certificate is an electronic document consisting of information about the public key, the user’s identity, and the digital signature of an entity that verifies the accuracy of the digital certificate’s contents. With the authentication and integrity measures executed by a digital certificate, no user will be able to gain access to a document or file without having their identity verified, their public key verified, and their request accepted by the owner.

In terms of the healthcare sector, patients can share their healthcare data with their chosen doctors electronically, remotely, and securely. Being HIPAA compliant, eSecureDOX allows patients to possess control over their health records rather than having their physicians possess the traditional paper files. In terms of the financial industry, contracts and other significant financial documents can be securely stored, managed, and shared with other individuals and organizations who have passed the authentication measures. In terms of law enforcement, officers deal with tons of documents, such as prison records, conviction evidence, crime documentation, etc., on a day-to-day basis. With eSecureDOX, they can access and share these documents remotely and securely without ever having to generate a single piece of paper. Healthcare, finance, and law enforcement are just one of the few industries in which eSecureDOX would prove applicable. Simply put, anyone who wishes to automate their traditional document management and collaboration methods and provide absolute security for all their sensitive electronic documents should utilize eSecureDOX as their cloud-computing platform. Except eSecureDOX, no other cloud will provide you with a perfectly balanced combination of security measures and automated convenience.